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I am not looking for a lot, as I know everyday average Americans don't have much to give.  I am going to try to do this as much out of my own pocket as much as possible.  Please keep the donations within legal limits.  Any contributions will be used exclusively for campaigning and nothing else! 


$50 in currency (cash) to any candidate or PAC. Contributions exceeding $50 per election must be made by check, money order or other written instrument. If two or more individuals (such as a husband and wife) want to make a contribution using one check drawn on a joint account they may


Beginning on June 1, 2011 corporate contributions are allowed to be made to candidates and PACs in Tennessee. Corporations making campaign contributions totaling over $1,000 in the aggregate to candidates in a calendar year must register as a PAC and file campaign financial disclosure reports

All Contribution legalities have been outlined on the page, please stick to those requirements, so we all stay within the boundaries of the law.  Thank you!
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